martedì 11 ottobre 2011

-47% Ouch!

Non un bel 2011 per John Paulson, definito meno di un anno fa il "Re Mida della Finanza" per aver intascato nel 2010 cinque miliardi di dollari di commissioni e plusvalenze. Si legge  infatti su  Dealbook (NYT) di ieri:

Another Traumatic Month for Paulson:

Another Traumatic Month for Paulson: Tired of incessant leaks to the media about its poor performance, Paulson & Company, the hedge fund started by the billionaire John A. Paulson, decided a few weeks ago to amend its reporting policies to make it harder to obtain performance data. But the changes failed to obscure this painful fact: one of his largest funds is down 47 percent through September, a loss that would require returns of almost 100 percent to surmount, according to investors in the fund. The nonleveraged version of the same fund is down about 32 percent, according to the investors. Other funds that were doing fine earlier this year are now also taking a nosedive, including Mr. Paulson's gold fund ( up 1 percent for the year after falling 16 percent last month), which placed bets on various assets linked to gold, as well as his Recovery fund (down 31 percent for the year), which placed a bet on the recovery of the United States economy.

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