venerdì 11 giugno 2010

Ah...questi banchieri!

Un'articolo sul New York Times riporta d'attualità il dibattito sui meccanismi di incentivazione nella banche: secondo uno studio della Fed many of the bonus and incentive programs that economists say contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression remain in place, according to people briefed on the examinations.
Officials have found, for example, that risk managers at several of the biggest banks still report to executives who have influence over their year-end bonuses and whose own pay might be constricted by curbing risk. In many cases, risk managers do not have full access to the compensation committee of the banks’ boards.
The review also revealed that banks tend to set similar bonus formulas for broad sets of employees and often do not adjust payouts to account for risks taken by traders or mortgage lending officers. Bank executives and directors, meanwhile, are often in the dark on the pay arrangements of employees whose bets could have a potentially devastating impact on the company. 

Sempre il NYTimes ha preso qualche giorno fa una posizione molto netta sulle reticenze di Goldman Sachs: Phil Angelides, chairman della Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission del congresso USA ha inviato un'ingiunzione formale alla banca americana affinchè renda disponibile alla commissione documenti di varia natura giudicati indispensabili per lo svolgimento dell'inchiesta. Secondo Angelides Goldman has either not responded to requests — stretching back to January — for documents and interviews or has submitted data that are so voluminous or disorganized as to be useless.

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