mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

Nuovi mercati?

Questa notizia mi ha colpito: Exclusive: BATS to challenge NYSE, Nasdaq with listings. Secondo Reuters Unlike Nasdaq or NYSE, BATS will not base its annual fees on the number of shares outstanding. Though no final decision has been made, it may adopt "a flat fee type of approach," Ratterman (il CEO di BATS) said, declining to give more details. "Any firm that wants a listing in the U.S. will be open to us," he said. Nasdaq Global Market's listing entry fee ranges from $125,000 to $225,000, based on shares outstanding, according to its Web site, and ranges from $35,000 to $99,500 annually. The market lists many of Nasdaq OMX's mid-cap U.S. shares. BATS' listing standards will be similar to Nasdaq's, Ratterman said... Con questo post inoltre inauguro l'uso del telefonino android per il blogging!
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