venerdì 16 marzo 2012

for i=1 to 10000 write 'il trading ad alta frequenza fa bene ai mercati' end for

Il dibattito sull'Economist ha visto una vittoria di misura dei sostenitori dell'utilità dell'HFT: in netta minoranza le sorti del sondaggio sono cambiate in meno di 24 ore... ecco il commento ufficiale del moderatore...

Dear Reader, Our debate has now come to a close and those supporting the motion have carried the day with a slight majority. This house does—if only just—believe "high-frequency trading contributes to the overall quality of markets". A late swing in the voting has occasioned comments from the floor. From quote-stuffing to vote-stuffing, is the accusation of some. There is no evidence that we can see of dodgy behaviour. But our practice in these debates is to police the voting lightly: this is a forum for discussion, not a legislature. Indeed, although voting is now over, the floor remains open for your comments until midnight tonight. Our debate has framed the arguments around high-frequency trading as well as any I have seen and I would like to thank our debaters, Jim Overdahl and Seth Merrin, for their thoughtful contributions. Thanks also to our readers for their many excellent and lively comments. I hope you will join us for our next debate, beginning next week. We will be in touch soon with details.

Moderator Andrew Palmer Finance Editor, The Economist
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